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सधै धुरुधुरु गितबाटै रुवाउने पुर्णिमा लामा ले पहिलो पटक यस्तो मान्छे नचाउने गीत गाइन हेर्नुहोस गीतको भिडियो


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Who are these old man viral on Facebook?

74-year-old Dal Prasad Limbu, Mangalung Municipal-6, lost food on the outskirts of the nearby Zirkithi market by eating food on Tuesday. Limbu took an hour to reach the endless market of 10 minutes walking on foot. He reached a destination in an hour but took his body away. The man …

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Month after diss track, Drake emerges unfazed with new album

A month ago, Drake’s world was crumbling. Now, he’s untouchable. Pusha T’s infamous diss track — where he was in full investigative journalist mode, divulging new information about Drake while also shading his mother, father and bestie — hit Drake hard. Drake’s reply — well, lack thereof, marked a low …

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Nepathya all set to perform at Tokyo Dome next week

After a successful two-city US tour, Nepal’s beloved folk rock band Nepathya is set to fly on a single show tour of Japan. The band will perform on July 7, 2018 at the Tokyo Dome City Hall, a reputed concert venue in Tokyo where major artists like Bob Dylan, Cold …

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अशोक दर्जीको पहिलो स्टेज कार्यक्रम मन्त्रीको अगाडी, हेर्नुस् यति ठुलो क्रेज, Ashok Darji First Stage


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३३ केजी सुन तस्कर ‘गोरे’ बारे बन्यो यस्तो खतरा गीत – छोप्नै पर्छ अरु बाउहरु | Gore Song, Sun Kanda |


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४० घण्टा बस चढेर काठमाडौं आई अशोकको गीत गाए ध्रुवले ।। दलित भनि हेप्दा दुखाए चित्त ।। Dhruba BK


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