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Who are these old man viral on Facebook?

74-year-old Dal Prasad Limbu, Mangalung Municipal-6, lost food on the outskirts of the nearby Zirkithi market by eating food on Tuesday. Limbu took an hour to reach the endless market of 10 minutes walking on foot.

He reached a destination in an hour but took his body away. The man who saw the old man asked, ‘Have you been playing a pond in a wet hill?’ He was ungrateful. The elders are angry with the leaders who won the election, not to ask questions

After the whole collapse of the only Mingling-connecting the headquarters, Dalpasad had reached the market hundreds of times after reaching the Jirimmithati market. Due to the move on the road, Dalpasad has fought more than a dozen citizens daily.

The photograph of the elderly old man who has been chatting in the hilly road, is now socially virgin. The photo of elderly and old people who looked at Facebook, who had been playing pond in Hilo, commented on Tahruthum’s reputation.

Local people have said that the people of the district, the leaders and the MPs did not pay attention to the development of the district. The commentators have responded to the prestige of the country due to the condition of the road, which was born to Prime Minister KP Oli.

There are problems with pedestrians and pedestrians when the various parts of the road block are more than 4 feet away. Locals informed that the locals, students and elderly people are more inconvenient than local roads.

After the fall of autocilus taken 5 years ago, the road has shaken the district. 30 years after the construction of 26 kilometers of road from Vasantpur to Minglong has been carried out for a period of 6 months.

The passengers have been abducted after the road collapsed after the road collapsed. Now checkicut is not available for the millions of rupees spent.

According to the engineer Suresh Tumbbangfeh of the middle-class highway, the road has been taken due to the repair of the road, said the road could not be repaired due to the weather due to weather. The contractors have not been able to work in the excuse of worker and construction materials due to the tender even under the construction of the road in three blocks.

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