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Good luck in the railway in Nepal

The railway construction works being constructed in India will be completed within the end. The meeting of the joint work group held in Kathmandu on Tuesday has decided to complete the task by bringing railways within the end.

The construction of railway construction from Jayanagar to Vijalpur, Burdabas, Jogwani from Biratnagar, Jayanagar to Janakpur (Kurtha) and Jogwani from Nepal customs sector has been decided.

The third meeting of the group was appreciated by the progress in the places presented in the railway and extensive discussion was discussed in the need for rail service operation.

Manoj Kumar Shrivastava, Executive Director of Railway Ministry, and Secretary of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Keshav Kumar Sharma, led by the Railway Ministry, on behalf of India from the Indian side of the meeting held on the understanding of the Indo-Nepal International Railroad Service operation.

The conclusion of the third meeting of the group, which is scheduled to be completed within the last four years, is concluded. The group also emphasized on the meeting to conduct the task of conducting the railway service, identifying the need for the issue of final form of understanding letter.

The meeting of Joint Committee formed for the conduct of Indo-Nepal International Rail Service was held in Kathmandu from 5th to 5th, before this meeting of the group.

Railroad infrastructure is being carried out in India-Nepal border to strengthen the relationship between the people of both the countries and strengthen the trade, commerce and economic cooperation between the two countries, according to the proper route of the ride.

Besides, for the development of other infrastructure, both India and Nepal government were committed.

According to the statement issued by the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu, the rail service has been expected to strengthen India’s relations with the people of two countries and strengthen the economic activities.

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